What is 'Impressive Title'?

"Impressive Title was a free-roaming 3D RPG game inspired by The Lion King, created by KovuLKD. The game allowed for exploration of a massive world with a wide variety of biomes to explore, from a frozen tundra to a roiling volcano. Players could form and join into prides which could claim territory and fight other prides for the control of their territory, or go hunting to win prizes such as accessories to customize their characters, such as collars or decorative bubbles. Players could create and customize their characters with features such as manes, wings, tails, and decorative tufts, to name a few. Members had a wide variety of settings they could initially choose for their characters, allowing for customization of the head, manes, tails, and markings. However, some manes were limited to certain head types. The player could then choose to alter the coloration of these features, changing aspects such as their eye or fur color. The player could also add markings to their characters that could be distributed to different subsections: Body, Head, and Tail." - From WIKIFUR

What is 'Aeklata'?

Aeklata is a roleplay based game developed on top of the Impressive Title source code. It is a Canine & Feline focused game with the ability to select what breeds and types of looks players desire based on model choices and markings. There will be CUSTOM models for both the feline and canine just for Aeklata made by Witacha, that will feature 5 tails, tufts, heads and 10 manes to customize your character with in our character creator. There is going to be around 10 maps when the final release rolls around; including most biomes you can roam around and explore! Players will have the ability to choose where to resign with these choices. There will be unique items to also customize your character with, such as collars, chains and more, unique to Aeklata. Is there any point in this game? Not much. The player is free to create their own excitement with the game and the game offers a large variety of things to do. The place is perfect for the roleplayers and players who want to spend a wild life in a virtual environment and make some friends along the way!

What features are there or will there be?

> Private and exclusive canine and feline models (Realistic) from Witacha. (Not done)
> Around 10 beautiful maps by full release!
> Lots of Mane, Tail, Ears options on the character screen.
> There is a Custom OGRE set up, SCREENSHOT FOLDER, Icon and more!
> There are custom Loading screens.

Is the game multiplayer?

Of course it will be! You can chat with friends and RP.

When will Aeklata come out?

The official game release is unknown, please be patient we are trying to make the game as beautiful and unique as possible for y'all!
Skin created by Nat at Adoxography 2.0!